Music City Mama 2/20 – 2/23


Just a quick note to all the mamas out there reading this. I know you your plate is overflowing every second of every day. Whether it’s a proposal for work that has to get done, clothes that are piling up in the laundry room, a grocery store run or the never-ending dog hair on the floor (I know this can’t be just me!). I see all of you and your killing it! It’s not every often we get a pat on the back for doing all the ‘everyday stuff’ that piles up. Also, it’s okay if you can’t do it all. It’s okay to hire someone to come help you clean. Or make a frozen pizza for dinner tonight. We are all in this struggle together.  I promise not even ‘That Perfect Mom’ on Instagram has it figured out 100% (or even 50%). We are human. There is no training manual or schooling on how to do this. We are all just figuring it out. And killin’ in.

Gymboree Play and Music – We finally made it to Gymboree in Green Hills and so glad we did. Their indoor play area is incredible. Three different areas to climb all geared to 0-5 years old, an awesome swing, slide, balance beam and so much more. AND, your first visit is FREE! We ended up doing the Explorers class (ages 22-36 months) and Smith loved it. We sang songs, danced and did a ton of imaginative play. They also have open gym every day of the week. Check it out!

Climbing for Clouds (THIS IS A MUST EVENT!) – This is one of my favorite events of the year. It happens at Climb Nashville this Sunday from 5-8pm. It’s a heck of a deal for a great cause and you can meet animals!! In the past, we have met a Binturong, a boa, giant rabbit, clouded leopards and so much more. And if you aren’t into climbing, stop by anyway and just donate $5 and meet the animals. They are showing up around 6:45pm! 

Eric Carle at Frist Art Museum (leaves this Sunday!) – If you haven’t made it out to see Eric Carle’s exhibit, make it mandatory this weekend. It’s so well done and made Smith fall even more in love with the Eric Carle books. And of course, check out the Martin ArtQuest Gallery!