“Be More” Stephen Sanchez – Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week


Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Be More” by Stephen Sanchez. The Nashville-based singer-songwriter has written yet another dynamic and beautiful love song.

Sanchez, known for his incredible lyricism and comforting voice, is in for a new album release this September. The highly anticipated debut record is on the heels of his breakout single “Until I Found You” that received heavy applause. Following soon after that he will headlining a tour across the United States. This includes two stops at the Ryman on November 16th and 17th, you can buy your tickets here. Ever charming and talented, his show will not be one to miss.

“Be More” is a slow dance in a song. He starts with warm piano and his melodic baritone voice. The single is charismatic upfront, immediately pulling you in with the waltz-like beat. His echoing powerful vocals easily the fill the room. The emotional bellow in the final chorus pulls the song together and leads to the ending verse that quietly and softly finishes the track. It’s clear that Sanchez has created a new timeless track to add to his amazing catalog.

Listen to his latest track below and be on the look out for upcoming album Angel Face out on September 22nd!

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