Becca Mancari: Local Artist of the Week


When this is all said and done, Becca Mancari is going on a road trip.

“I’m just gonna hop in my car and see as many people as I can, and hopefully that’ll be through touring…”

Becca Mancari

With a run of shows with Brittney Howard planned for March, Mancari was just one of the many musicians affected by disruptions due to COVID-19, with her shows rescheduled to September. However, that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her own music. Her new single “Hunter” was released in early April. It’s rich in texture and atmosphere, with Mancari’s gentle vocals just peeking through the mix of fuzzy guitars and synth swells. Although the song feels dark and heavy, the response from many was that this new song was a bright spot in their weeks, Mancari said. 

Beyond just her own music, Mancari has been exploring various other creative ventures during this quarantine. She recently launched “Terrible Tips,” an Instagram talk show where she interviews her favorite musicians and asks them for their tips on how to get through quarantine. The first episode featured Liz Cooper, and Mancari promises there’ll certainly be more to come, and not just more talk show episodes.

“We’re gonna find a way to play for people, I can tell you that.”

Becca Mancari

And like many other musicians, Mancari is eager to get back on the road. Touring for the better part of four years, it’s without a doubt the thing she misses the most, she said, and it’s what she plans to do as soon as she can, as playing on stage is “part of her DNA.”

In the meantime, we can all enjoy Mancari’s great new single “Hunter,” and wait for her and Brittney to hit the road once again. 

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Interview and article by Joe Bendekovic