Blank Range – Scrapin’

Freshly integrated into Nashville, indie rock band Blank Range is taking new lessons from the old: “Everyone listens to the music their parents like.  You stray from that as a teenager, but sooner or later you must admit your parents were pretty boss.”

Comprised of…

Drummer/vocalist Matt Novonty

Bassist/vocalist Aaron Wahlman

Keys proficient Jonathan Rainville

Baritone guitar/vocalist Grant Gustafson

Guitar/vocalist Jonathon Childers…

…Blank Range, a name chosen for its ambiguity and ability to embody an array of images and meanings, is bridging the cassette-tape world with today’s frenzy of digital tracks and our regurgitated, adjunct love for vinyl after it’s remission during our youth.

Originally transplanted from the mid-west (Northern Illinois & St. Louis), most of the band members either went to college together or were previously in bands together. After only living here for several years, they seem to understand how our unique, creative-dense industry thrives.

“It’s all mixed-up. It’s between big and small, north and south; you have people from everywhere and, yet, there is a huge amount of civic pride; you can get to many other cities but it is often hard to leave your little cluster within this city; and, most importantly, you can be here a day and have made friends you’ll remember when you’re 64.”

They are taking their place here seriously but also with great jovial respect for the love of the work they do.

“The cool thing about being in a new band is that then you don’t have to consider theme.  You work a job and play songs you like, and, in a way, the theme builds itself. We felt like putting songs to vinyl was an accomplishment. We are proud of what we’re making and wanted to represent that.”


Already past “Phase II,” their most recent release, “Scrapin b/w Before I Go To Sleep” EP just dropped at the beginning of this month. A release show is planned for Nov. 21st at the Basement, where they’ll be joined by “Fly Golden Eagle and The New Lonely… When [we asked them to play with us and] they said yes we felt like the luckiest guy going to prom.”

Leaving a bit up to interpretation, Blank Range presents their music to the feelings and understandings of others, a brave move for an artist.

“If each song can be played earnestly, there is a similarity. The listener can find a thread running through any compilation.”

Next on the Agenda

“We’re going to be playing three shows opening for Futurebirds next weekend (Nov 15, Proud Larry’s, Oxford, MS – Nov 16, Bottletree Cafe, Birmingham, AL – Nov 17, Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola, FL). After that we’ll work on new music and look at getting on the road early next year.”


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  1. Jesus Christ. What an amazing song. Best I’ve heard out of a local band in a long time. Can’t wait to see what these guys do next.

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