Caroline Spence – “Clean Getaway”: Local Artist of the Week

Caroline Spence

Caroline Spence is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! Caroline Spence is a local songwriter and vocalist from Charlottesville, Virginia. Starting out her career in Nashville’s underground, she has received recognition from artists such as Miranda Lambert, as well as her fellow songwriters. Spence has released five studio albums and numerous singles, including her most recent song, “Clean Getaway”. Her music is often praised for its use of the iconic “Nashville sound”, with her own style and flair applied.

Spence often writes music about her personal life, and “Clean Getaway” is no exception. In the song, she sings about her past attempts to run from her problems, rather than dealing with them. Her vocal delivery reflects a degree of bitterness which is resolved as the song progresses. Meanwhile, the instrumental channels the concepts behind the original “Nashville sound” to deliver a slow, heavy rhythm. The song utilizes all three instrument types, from the acoustic drums and piano to the electric guitar and bass, and even electronic keyboard synths. The piano and synths act as accent pieces, while the bass and guitar form a wall of harmony.

Caroline Spence released “Clean Getaway” as a preview for her upcoming album, True North. The album releases April 29th, with options to pre-order or pre-save available here. In addition, Spence is currently on tour, with a Nashville show March 24th. Tickets for this event, as well as her other shows, are available here. Otherwise, be sure to keep up with Caroline Spence through her social media, as well as her website. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Clean Getaway” below!

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