Creature Comfort: Local Artist of the Week

Creature Comfort Press Photo

This week’s local artist spotlight goes to Creature Comfort! The five piece, indie-rock band has released several EPs over the years as they continue to break their way into the Nashville music scene. Lead singer Jessey Clark grew up in small-town Tullahoma, Tennessee. Many of the band’s early songs reflected his rural roots. Now based in Nashville, the band creates music that deals with the conflict of Clark’s smaller life in Tullahoma and bigger-city life in Nashville. Their upcoming album, Home Team, comes addresses this tension more. Drew Vandenberg, known for working with of Montreal, Toro y Moi, and Faye Webster, produced the album. To celebrate this upcoming release, we are focusing our attention one of the band’s recent releases: “Big, Buff, and Handsome (Sounds Like a Good Time).”

“Big, Buff, and Handsome (Sounds Like a Good Time)” is a clever track that tackles toxic masculinity in our society. Creature Comfort makes fun of the “male image” with lyrical references to manual labor, alcohol, and a comparison to “turpentine Jesus”. The song’s title shows the band’s humor in their criticism of male beauty standards. The light-hearted yet important subject of the song fits in perfectly with the track’s music. The song’s banjo-picking intertwines with Clark’s indie-rocker vocals to weave genres together. The genre mix also highlights the band’s small town-big versus city dynamic in a really refreshing way.

Creature Comfort recently released a music video for “Big, Buff, and Handsome (Sounds Like a Good Time”. It follows a large and looming Bigfoot look-alike on a journey through the woods. At the same time, the video follows Creature Comfort as they enjoy a boy’s trip. Then, the band and the furry creature cross paths. Check out the goofy music video below to find out how it ends!

Creature Comfort described themselves as “Fleet Foxes for people who grew up bailing hay”. The band has a fresh sound that still feels reminiscent of home in the best way. Be sure to presave Home Team and give it a listen when it comes out on 10/30!

We’ll be playing “Big, Buff, and Handsome (Sounds Like a Good Time)” throughout the week as we feature Creature Comfort as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at