Daniel Donato “Dance in the Desert” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

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Daniel Donato "Dance in the Dessert"

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is Daniel Donato’s “Dance in the Desert.” Shaking up the scene with his “Cosmic Country” sound, Tennessee-born Donato is unafraid of breaking boundaries with his music.

Growing up around Nashville, Donato was exposed to some of the finest country music there is to offer. This, along with his love for rock and genre expansive styles coming from Guitar Hero and the Grateful Dead respectively, has influenced the exploratory and experimental styles he inhabits today.

“Dance in the Desert” is a culmination of all of the musical expressions and genres Donato has taken inspiration from since he was young. The track is loose and feel-good, but in a trippy, psychedelic way. The bouncy, twangy instrumentals with his hazy vocals make for a groovy yet lively sonic experience. His sound invokes an out-of-body enjoyment, allowing you to appreciate his music in the same otherworldly realm that he made it.

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Listen to “Dance in the Desert” below!

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