Elise Davis: Local Artist of the Week

Elise Davis- Ladybug Press Photo

This week’s local artist spotlight shines on Elise Davis, a Nashville based Arkansas native. Davis began writing songs at 12 years old in her hometown of Little Rock and by college she was booking her own shows and touring the state. Her most recent release, “Ladybug”, is the track we’re highlighting this week.

Davis has an electrified roots-rock sound with a country flair. Her songwriting abilities are so sharp and she has co-written with some of Nashville’s biggest names, like Maren Morris on her last album, Cactus

“Ladybug” is the perfect balance of country and rock. Davis’s vocals are powerful and echo over the killer guitar and drums. The lyrics, as with all of Davis’s work, are smart and so catchy. Davis also released a video for the song, it is equally as powerful and well done as the track itself.

Like many artists, Elise Davis has used the past 7 months to pour into making music. She has recorded a new album, with more info to come, and is releasing new music every month for the near future. “Ladybug” is just the start of the new wave Elise Davis’s new era of music, and what a strong start it is.


We’ll be playing “Ladybug” throughout the week as we feature Elise Davis as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at lightning100.com.