Frances & the Foundation – Plant The Seed


Frances and the FoundationSamantha Frances’ roots began in Colorado, encompassed a short stint in Seattle, and now she’s firmly planted in Nashville. Her band encompasses the 90’s alternative rock that teenage angsters always look for, in the best possible ways. Songs like “Ghosts” from Frances & the Foundation’s debut EP prove the band lends itself to comparisons of The Cranberries and a more raw Florence & The Machine.

But elsewhere, on a fierce track like “Nothing To Prove”, the band lends itself to a newer sound, reminiscent of 2014’s buzz band Bleachers, relying heavily on the percussion. The band certainly caters to Frances’ writing and style, but like a chameleon, they can really bring their sound to the current and give people exactly what they’re looking for. A splash of nostalgia mixed with the newness of 2015 is just what the doctor could be ordering for music fans.

The band has opened for bands like Alabama Shakes and The Gaslight Anthem, and unlike most other bands, they’ll be switching things up for music releases in 2015. This year, Frances and The Foundation will be releasing singles all year, with a full-length record coming early 2016. This will be their year, just watch.