Glass Dove – Terrible Secrets


After a brief musical hiatus due to health complications, local artist of the week, indie rock artist Glass Dove aka Josh Benus came out swinging with his debut single “Cigarette Sunset” featuring Nashville guitar and vocal powerhouse Liz Cooper.

Now he’s back with a thought-provoking new song called “Terrible Secrets.” The track explores the dark reality of our current political climate over beautiful melodies and ethereal vocals that almost distract you from the gloom of the lyrics.

“I’ve given up counting the number of mornings that I’ve read the news and come away feeling helpless.  I had no plans to write a political song, but I knew I had to do something to engage in the conversation and be a voice for those who don’t have one. This song is about those in power who divide us to maintain their privilege, and how our inaction gives voice to ‘Terrible Secrets’.”

Listen to the new single below and all week long on Lightning 100. Don’t miss Glass Dove at The Basement Wednesday, July 31. Buy tickets here.