Greg Steinfeld – Oklahoma: Local Artist of the Week


Greg Steinfeld moved to Nashville from New York in May 2016 and he’s been a Lighting 100 favorite since shortly after. We were the first radio station in America to play his music back in 2017, and we’re excited to highlight him this week with our Local Artist Spotlight! “Oklahoma” is the first single off of the singer-songwriter’s upcoming EP If You’re Out There. 

“Oklahoma” was recorded at Beastside Tracks in East Nashville with the production help of Brandon Meagher. Steinfeld used to play the song for his grandma on daily Facetime calls with her, and it was one of her favorites. She recently passed away after a long battle with Covid, and her sculpture work is featured as the cover art for the single. Some of Steinfeld’s heartwarming virtual “Concerts for Grandma” can be watched on his Youtube page. 

“The inspiration behind Oklahoma comes from my struggle with missing the people I love while I am out chasing my dreams,” the artist explains. “As musicians we are always on the road doing what we love, but it means constantly missing the people that inspire us and bring us happiness. Ironically enough I have never been to Oklahoma, but the person that kept me motivated to work hard and to be the best version of myself was.” Steinfeld’s latest If You’re Out There EP will be released April 29th. 

We’ll be playing “Oklahoma” throughout the week as we feature Greg Steinfeld as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at