Harper Mundy “Kitchen Floor” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Kitchen Floor” from Harper Mundy. Her newest release showcases her knack storytelling and transforms into a pretty yet gut wrenching piece.

Born and raised in Kansas City, Harper Mundy is finding new roots in Nashville. She grew up with a family full of songwriters, vibrant tunes constantly filling her home. Heavily inspired throughout her childhood, her sound is refreshing and fun. Combing the lyrics of country and the addicting beats of pop songs, Mundy is a standout in the music scene.

“Kitchen Floor” is full of beautiful imagery and prose. Her incredible talent for songwriting shines in this song. You are able to feel her pain and heartbreak, especially when she sings, “You don’t love me, you’re pretending.” Harper knows exactly how to pack a punch with her lyrics. All of this paired with her wonderful production makes for a powerful summer anthem.

Listen to her newest release below!

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