Hobo Cane – Let Go


Local artist of the week Hobo Cane (aka Javier Alberto Mendoza) can be described as pure heart and soul. His music career began in Miami, Florida where he spent his time writing tunes for mega pop sensations such as Enrique Iglesias, Juan David, Ricky Martin, Rosario and more. Now, he has embarked on his new solo project Hobo Cane.

“According to the critics, I’ve always been too rock for pop, too pop for alternative, too Anglo for Latin and even sometimes too Latin for Anglo. I think that’s a good thing,” he says.

“A hobo is a transient and migrant worker. I’ve moved from place to place all my life, and I was raised among different cultures and languages. I think my songs are influenced and enriched by that diversity. I want to help destroy the stereotype of any music. My mother’s last name is ‘Cañas’, which means ‘Canes’ in Spanish. So that’s me…. HOBO CANE.”

Listen to his single “Let Go” below and all week long on Lightning 100. Don’t miss Hobo Cane’s free set this week at Friday Afternoon Live at Soulshine Pizza Factory.

Get Hobo Cane’s debut album on iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/HoboCane