JD McPherson – “Just Around The Corner”: Local Artist of the Week

JD McPherson

JD McPherson is Lightning 100’s local artist of the week! JD McPherson is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and guitarist originally from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He first picked up a guitar at the age of thirteen, and has participated in numerous bands since age sixteen. McPherson debuted his career in 2010 with Signs and Signifiers, which he re-released in 2012 under Rounder Records. Since then, he has released three other albums, as well as numerous EPs and singles. His most recent single, “Just Around The Corner”, is a cover song originally performed by country artist Big Al Downing. McPherson’s music draws inspiration from the rock n’ roll era, including the “rockabilly” and “rhythm and blues” genres.

McPherson’s rendition of “Just Around The Corner” retains many stylistic cues from Big Al Downing’s original recording. The instrumental portion blends the old song content with modernized instruments. The guitar and bass grooves remain nearly unchanged, but are more prominently featured. Although the drum beat is more complex than in the original, it retains the charm factor of early rock music. Behind these instruments, a faint piano carries harmonies along with the guitar. While this cover of “Just Around the Corner” lacks the smooth saxophone of the original, the changes make the song sound lively and full. McPherson’s vocals pay homage to Big Al Downing while simultaneously expressing his own stylistic choices.

“Just Around The Corner” marks JD McPherson’s first musical release of the year. Although he hasn’t announced any other releases yet, it’s likely McPherson will continue to create new music. Be sure to keep up to date with JD McPherson through his Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, be sure to check out his rendition of “Just Around The Corner” on Apple Music, Spotify, or via the Youtube video posted below!

Listen all week to hear “Just Around the Corner” as we feature JD McPherson as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen live on-air at 100.1FM or at lightning100.com.