Jive Talk “Trashcan Heart” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Trashcan Heart” from Jive Talk! This exciting, high energy synth-rock band is from right here in Nashville. New single, released this past week, showcases the artists creativity and self-described “nerdcore” sound.

This five-piece band knows how to rock. Between live performances and in-studio recordings, you can hear their liveliness throughout. Since 2018 they have created an incredible vibe-heavy vision for their group, and it has paid off. Having toured with other local artists like Stephen Sanchez and The Brummies, Jive Talk truly represents the Nashville music scene in a wonderful way.

The third of recent singles released from the artist “Trashcan Heart” is a synth-driven song that is perfect for the summer. First peaking one’s interest with a eye-catching song title, the incredible sound will completely draw you in. Tight drum beats lay the foundation for the rest of the band. Filling the space with vibrant vocals and fun synth, it has a fresh feel that is perfect for the upcoming July heat.

Listen to Jive Talk’s newest single below!

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