Jobi Riccio “Whiplash” – Local Artist of the Week

Jobi Riccio "Whiplash" - Local Artist of the Week

Lightning 100 announces Jobi Riccio as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! 

Riccio debuted in 2019 with her EP Strawberry Wine. Drawing inspiration from artists like Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow, Riccio elevates her Americana sound with sharp, introspective lyricism.

Much of Riccio’s artistry is in live performance. She played at the 2023 Newport Folk Festival, where she was awarded the inaugural Newport Folk Festival John Prine Fellowship. In an upcoming string of live shows, Riccio will support Jason Isbell and Brandy Clark. She will also join Brandi Carlile, LeAnn Rimes and Isbell at the Farewell Festival in July.

Riccio will open for The Wood Brothers on Thursday, April 4 at The Ryman, so be sure to get your tickets here

Riccio’s latest album Whiplash is laidback, yet intimate. The title track explores Riccio’s alt-country influences through striking introspection.

Riccio’s clear vocals open the track as she sings “I’ve been trying to swallow the sun / I’ve been running from the morning every night.” Through a build of sweeping instrumentation, Riccio explores vivid memories and the “whiplash” they cause.

Intricate guitar picking and subtle harmonies support her storytelling abilities. Alt-country guitar swells give this modern track a classic feel. Riccio’s vocal delivery seamlessly transitions from a bold lower register to lofty, effortless high notes.

“Whiplash” gives listeners a glimpse into Riccio’s mind, primely representing her distinct artistic voice.

Listen to “Whiplash” below!

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