Jordan Dean – “Feeling Strange”: Local Artist of the Week

Jordan Dean

Jordan Dean is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! Jordan Dean is an indie singer-songwriter and performer living in Nashville. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, but moved to Music City in pursuit of a performing career. At first, he played with nothing more than an acoustic guitar in hand, but has shifted towards a more alternative sound. Dean cites the music of bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys as inspiration for his newest records.

“Feeling Strange” blurs the lines between chaotic punk revival music and rowdy rock n’ roll. The instrumental features a funky bass line, punchy drums, and dissonant guitar riffs. At times, the guitar melody drops out entirely, exposing the bass and drums more. All of these elements feel inherently upbeat, yet the song itself sounds gritty. Meanwhile, Dean tends to use a raspy tone in his vocals, especially in the verses. The vocals become more powerful in the chorus, mostly due to the harmonies added in each. Both the beginning and end of the song feature spoken words as a sort of intro and outro, respectively.

Jordan Dean released “Feeling Strange” in 2022, building upon the style established in his 2021 EP Local. To commemorate the song’s release, Dean performed two Tennessee shows in March. Most recently, Dean has announced a new song via his Facebook page, titled “Free Advice, No One’s Buying”. Currently, the song is slated to release April 22nd. Until then, be sure to keep up to date with Jordan Dean through his Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, feel free to check out the official music video for “Feeling Strange” below!

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