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There’s no escaping it, Josh Doyle was destined to be a world-class singer songwriter. Before he was even old enough to drive, the UK native was compelled to pen songs from the age of 13. He funneled his lunch money into studio fees, and cut his first formal releases culling from hundreds of songs he had already written. While attending Chichester University, he founded buzzing and budding rock outfit The Dumdums as vocalist and guitarist. The group’s debut album for MCA Records, It Goes Without Saying, spawned four UK Top 30 hits including “Everything”, “Can’t Get You Out of My Thoughts”, “You Do Something to Me”, and “Army of Two”. They performed at arenas in England supporting Robbie Williams and appeared on the cover of tastemaker publications such as Melody Maker. They even sold out co-headlining tours in Japan and Germany as well as their own headline jaunt in England. However, the band split in the midst of working on their sophomore follow-up.

Doyle relocated to Nashville and began to traverse a new road. Distancing himself from the music industry, he took a day job. Depression and anxiety had started to overcome him as he faced the doldrums of ‘normal life’ severed from the creative pursuits he’d been inextricably linked to. However, the fans beckoned him back. He received an overwhelming number of requests online to return to music. His rabid fan base, brandishing tattoos of his lyrics and name, let him know how important it was he return. Crafting 2004’s cathartic EP, The End of Fear, he independently released the effort and personally sent each fan that was supporting him a copy. The title track received numerous placements and it galvanized his new endeavor as a songwriter.

Once again in 2009, his fans supported him to the extent that they donated the money to record both Values and Virtues and Middletown two reflective and powerful EPs illuminating his growth as a musician. It was a landmark moment for him as the fan support inspired him to continue writing and more so put him back on the road. His music inspired and resonated with them, and they returned the favor in a big way. After a successful UK tour, he returned to a “Music City” studio and recorded Songs From The Nuclear War Vol. 1 & 2.

After over a decade in the music industry, now as an independent artist, it wasn’t long before he received serious recognition from the mainstream again in 2012. Guitar Center named him “the nation’s top undiscovered singer-songwriter” in the brand’s very first singer-songwriter competition. In front of a packed audience of clamoring fans, he performed his original, “I’ve Figured The World Out”, beating out more than 17,000 entries and receiving a three song EP by Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks as the competition’s victor. Impressed with Josh’s talent, John decided to seize the moment and, with Guitar Center’s blessing, record a full-length album instead of an EP. Capturing the services of legends old and new, Leland Sklar (James Taylor, Warren Zevon), Matt Chamberlain (Bruce Springsteen, John Mayer), Dean Parks (Elton John, Billy Joel) and Patrick Warren (Fiona Apple, Ray LaMontagne) he has set out to record an album that will no doubt see the same kind of fanatical fan response but now in the mainstream arena.

After continued indie success on his own, he’s now teamed up with CTK Management and Neil Warnock of The Agency Group, and the road in front of him is wide open. With big music business muscle behind him, and the best talent in the world backing him up, the next chapter is bound to be the greatest for Josh Doyle.

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  1. This is a very inspiring story…..I mean, how often does one hear of someone who went from stardom to a regular day job AND who is now on his way back to the top..??!! Thanks for including this story on your page….a lot of people need to hear about this unique road to success…and better yet, the music that Josh Doyle has to share…!

  2. talented artist with thought provoking lyrics and great sound…..what more can you ask for?! Hope his music continues to get a larger audience! THanks for playing it Lightning100!


    Hands down Josh Doyle has created my favourite album ever!

    I’m now a fan of Lightning 100 since I heard Solarstorms on my TuneIn Radio app.

    I’m based in London, England and your station rocks!
    Keep supporting Josh Doyle, he deserves all the airplay he gets!

    – Doren

  4. Lightning…!!! Was led here because I can’t get enough of listening to his songs…….which translates feelings that have been written in the hear and soul of all of us!!!

  5. So excited to hear Josh Doyle’s music on Lightning 100! I think his music fits right in, and I can’t wait to hear it NEXT week, too 🙂

  6. I’ve been a huge Josh Doyle fan ever since I first heard his music a year ago. I live in Wisconsin, but when I saw on Facebook that Lightning 100 was playing his music, I had to check it out. Great story on Josh and great station.

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