Josh Farrow – Devil Don’t You Fool Me


josh farrow

Lover of the classics, nature and water and the outdoors, Josh Farrow is making his own path in the music industry. He may be walking under the hot sun of Nashville’s song-writers’ spotlight, but he is well shaded by inspirations of Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles. Josh knows the beauty of things past and how to recycle his loves into meaningful lyrics and current tunes.

Since the tender age of 10 when he got his first guitar, music has been a constant in his life. It may not have been till age 19 when he began singing and writing hardcore, but he certainly has come a long way very quickly. Josh has been highly involved in years past with Lightning 100, and he has a record of popping up as one of their featured artists. Josh has experienced a wonderful give-and-take partnership with Lightning 100:

“I’ve played some sponsored shows for them, have been at their Christmas parties, and love supporting those guys!”

A fruitful relationship with the radio station has been just one of the high points of his career here in Nashville. Producer Dexter Green has inspired Josh not only by his intense involvement with the artist and in his support, but he has also challenged Josh through a respect warranted by his own talent. In Josh’s own words: “My biggest encourager so far has been my producer Dexter Green. He’s by far the most talented person I’ve met in this town, and has been willing to help me greatly.

Nashville has been the biggest blessing in my music career. From an overwhelming response from music city roots with Leon Russell, to meeting everyone I know from the 5 spot, the reception has been unreal.

If you are ever in the area, you should stop by 5 Points Pizza and say “Hey!” tothis fellow. After all, he promises that it’s the “best pizza in the south.”

It’s doesn’t take much to see that Josh truly loves this city.

“Nashville has put a little more country in me, kicked me in the ass a little bit, and pushed me to be the hard-working motivated person I am today. Nashville can wear you down in the music industry, but if you recognize your weaknesses it can pick you right back up.

“I don’t plan on leaving this beautiful city, especially East Nashville where I live. I’m going to be touring most of the summer, including some shuttle bus gigs for Hangout Fest and other festivals like Merlefest in 2014.”

Josh’s most recent releases include two singles titled Devil Don’t You Fool Me and The Worryin Kind. During a fairly stressful time in his life he turned yet again to music to learn to channel the tumultuous context of his life. True to the single’s name, he explained “I’m a worrier by nature and am learning to get it out creatively.”

But how exactly did Josh come to call himself an immersed Nashville native? For love of a woman, of course! Spring Break can do many terrible things to our lives, but in his case it did one thing tremendously right. Four months after a trip to Daytona Beach he moved to Murfreesboro to be with her, and five years later they are still going strong. Two years ago he made the official move up the interstate to pursue music full time in Nashville. He has dug his urban roots deep here, but he has not let go of his rural ties either.

“I feel like I write mostly about the natural elements of life, and it translates to music from a love of being alone in the outdoors. And being in water. Too many of my songs are about water…”

So what is on the up-and-coming for Josh?

“The new singles, and new songs I’m tracking in the studio right now are a lot more mature (naturally) and have a lot more harnessed energy and soul in them. A bit dark, a bit soothing, and a bit haunting. Southern Drag was all about a very young and fresh outlook on living and writing in a new place – the south.

“I’m expecting to release a new full length album in the later part of this year.”


Written by Kaitlyn Crocker
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