Kashena Sampson – “Whole Lot Better”: Local Artist of the Week


Singer-songwriter, Kashena Sampson released her optimistic single, “Whole Lot Better” this past week. Her music is similar to oldies country artists Loretta Lynn and Marie Osmond. With folk vocals like Emmylou accompanied by a steady guitar, “Whole Lot Better” resembles classic 70s country rock. “‘Whole Lot Better’ is a driving anthem of self-assuredness, celebrating new beginnings,” shares a quote on her website. Kashena continues to prove she is not afraid to write from the heart.

Kashena’s song-writing career began as a performer on a cruise ship. Singing covers from other great musicians, she started incorporating her own music into her performances. Kashena made her way to the heart of country music in 2015, and in 2017 she released her first full length album Wild Heart. Past lyrics reflect her life as a struggling artist, navigating the complexities of relationships, and finding gratitude. Along the same vein, the depth in her new single is a much needed, meaningful and positive outlook of hope in new seasons of life. If anyone understands the healing power of music, it is Kashena Sampson.

Like many, Kashena struggled through the hardships of 2020. Working as a bartender at the beloved Basement East, she had been funding her own music. After the tornado and the pandemic forced them to close their doors, Kashena postponed her album’s release until this September. As Nashville finally begins to recover, musicians like Kashena can also start to focus on what makes our city so great, the music. Sarah Frost wrotes, “If Time Machine is Kashena discovering her own resilience, its release may just be the strongest example of doing just that, on her own terms.”

Providing a small sample of her upcoming album, Kashena will release three Time Machine tracks this summer. Tune in to Lightning 100 to hear “Whole Lot Better” and check out the new music video below.

Album photo taken by Laura Partain, album artwork by Jeremy Fetzer aka Fetzer Design.