Lonesome Joy “Roll With The Thunder” – Local Artist of the Week

Lonesome Joy Roll With The Thunder

Lightning 100 announces Lonesome Joy as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! Lonesome Joy will release its debut single “Roll With The Thunder” on February 13.

Lonesome Joy is the newest project from Nashville-based singer/songwriter and pianist Stevie Redstone. Redstone has received critical acclamation for uniting his widespread, retro influences through consistent, soulful vocals. Redstone co-wrote “Roll With The Thunder” with Aaron Lee Tasjan and Connor McClaren, later handing the track over to renowned Nashville producer Dave Cobb. Lonesome Joy will make its highly anticipated debut with its new single “Roll With The Thunder.”

“Roll With The Thunder” is a groovy combination of retro-soul, pop, and rock. The track’s nostalgic feel is undeniable. Redstone channels classic blues through an opening piano riff that’s propelled by infectious bass lines and driving percussion. Redstone’s tone is emotive, raspy, and elastic, complementing the track’s warm instrumentation. The song’s stirring piano arrangement elevates its impact. Redstone graces the keys with ascending piano walkups and soulful trills. “Roll With The Thunder” expresses resilience amid life’s challenges as Redstone sings “I roll with the thunder so it don’t roll on over me.” The track ends with a bang as Redstone’s descending piano riff carries us away. “Roll With The Thunder” is the striking, genre-bending track that we can’t get enough of.  

Listen to “Roll With The Thunder” below!

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