Maren Morris “Dancing with Myself” – Local Artist of the Week

Tune in to 100.1 FM and all week to hear “Dancing with Myself
Maren Morris "Dancing with Myself"

Lightning 100 announces Maren Morris as our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week! Her cover of “Dancing With Myself” is a stunning, modern rendition of the Billy Idol classic.

While originally from Texas, Morris has been calling Nashville home for more than a decade. She shows her love for Music City in much of her work, and the same goes for her newest single. The entirety of the music video takes place in beloved local record store Grimey’s. A Nashville staple, Grimey’s has been integral in the support for local artists and beyond since 2000. Morris’s homage to the shop is a beautiful display of appreciation for Grimey’s impact on her career as well as the greater Nashville community.

Morris’s “Dancing with Myself” is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. The cover retains many of the iconic features of the original track- such as the famed guitar melody and driving beat- however, Morris incorporates these elements into a gentle and very vulnerable ballad, giving an entirely different feel to the track. Morris’s smooth vocals over the soft instrumental backing are not only incredibly pleasant to listen to, but also very moving. For the first half of the song, her voice reflects feelings of loneliness and longing. As the track goes on, her tone, as well as the vocal accompaniments and instrumentations, become fuller and more confident, offering an openness that speaks of celebration and freedom. The song contains soothing reassurance amongst complicated feelings of self-love while being single, and is a beautiful reminder of the strength found in healing.

Check out “Dancing with Myself” below!

Tune in to 100.1 FM and all week to hear “Dancing with Myself” by Maren Morris, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week!