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As you unfold the corners of Nashville, you can peer into a world flooding with diversity, where streams run together and mountains jet high above the clouds. These summits of success are just as high as they are unstable. The terrifying fear of plummeting is almost equal to the electrifying thrill of potential, yet many artists make the move to Nashville for this reason – it is a hotbed for aspirations and inspirations alike. For MODOC*, when Clint Culberson, Kyle Addison, Caleb Crockett and John Carlson met at Ball State University in Indiana, they knew making the move was something they had to do.

“It’s Music City! We love it here. We saw some of the guys we looked up to move down here and start their careers in music, and we wanted in on it. We’ve been able to reach more cities and more fans using Nashville as a touring base. We have grown exponentially as people as well as musicians. I think our fanbase has been on a continual rise since.”

With so many dreamers trying to scale these mountains at once, two things are for sure… it takes someone different to make it to the top, and making it to the top makes you different. Either way, if you’re going to start climbing, you better mean it. MODOC means it, and they’re climbing.

“I’ve always believed in having your cake and eating it too. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, but when things you’ve worked hard for start becoming a reality, it is sometimes very crazy. Wow, is this really happening? Are people I don’t know really fans of our work? We’ve had some really good placements as of recently. Fox Sports just made us their Band of the Month for December. Pearl Jam was their artist for November- which is one of my favorite bands ever- that’s kind of crazy to think about!”

What at first may have looked like grappling for a new crevice to take hold as they ascended has progressed to a steady incline of popularity for the band.

“We recently signed a deal with Zavitson Music Group and since this was more of a rebirth for MODOC, we felt since we were being introduced to a whole new set of fans, the album didn’t really need a title. This album is MODOC – nice to meet you!”


This album that went live in August has an expected Vinyl counterpart that will be released next month.

It’s not their style to get lost in the muck and mire of the musical jungle that often turns out burned up genres. They’re a great rock band, a one-of-a-kind sound without sacrificing that Nashville flair that has become part of their identity.

“We travelled quite a bit this year. We have a lot of favorites. Lately, Baton Rouge has been noticeably diggin’ it. It’s been great to see the growth there.  Nashville is home, we love our hometown crowd, but chances are there is always someone in the crowd that can outplay you, so it forces you to improve and put every bit of energy into the show that people came to see.”

A little bit more about MODOC

“We chose the name out of desperation and now it has just kind of stuck. We had a show before we had a name. Fans have a lot of meanings for MODOC. My personal favorite is Missouri Department of Corrections… MODOC, IN. That small town is very significant now- realizing how much that community molded me, it definitely holds a place in my rebellious heart. They’re underdogs, much like MODOC.”

*MODOC (Clint Culberson on vocals/guitars, Kyle Addison on lead guitars/vocals, Caleb Crockett on bass/vocals and John Carlson on drums/vocals)


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