Mountains Like Wax perform A Rest, Contingency Theory, and Control [video]


Atop a cliff on the Stone Door Trail in Beersheba Springs, Lightning 100’s Team Green Adventures gathered with Mountains Like Wax as they played along to the beauty of the Tennessee autumn scenery. A local band, Mountains Like Wax embodies an effortless vibe with their song “A Rest”. The song is as honest and easy to listen to as its title proclaims. Reflecting the real energy of the surrounding landscape, Mountains Like Wax captivates with their true emotion.

As if the band name alone didn’t lend itself to the inspirations and sounds of nature, their song “Contingency Theory” definitely does. Refreshingly unpredictable, the rhythmic variation and contrasting dynamic ranges in the song make it a must hear. Echoing its natural surroundings, the song takes the listener as it grows and develops from a mellow beginning to a prevailing climactic high end.

Layers of a synth overtop the remaining acoustic elements recalls an eerie uniqueness that adds intrigue to the easiness of their sound in “Control”. Even acoustically, “Control” keeps your head nodding with its southern post-rock feel, straight-ahead groove, and infectious guitar melodies.

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