ØZWALD — “Artificial Odyssey”: Local Artist of the Week


ØZWALD is Lightning 100’s local artist of the week! ØZWALD is a Nashville-based indie project created in 2018 by Lifehouse members Jason Wade and Steve Stout. “Artificial Odyssey” is one of ten songs included on the album of the same name. The Artificial Odyssey album is the sixth released by the duo, continuing the group’s tradition of releasing two full-length albums every year. In addition, Artificial Odyssey is the group’s most recent album, released on December 24th of 2021 as a Christmas gift to fans.

At its core, “Artificial Odyssey” features a looped electric guitar riff, punchy electronic drums, and occasional interjections by orchestral bells. As the song progresses, additional instruments join in, including a shaker, a tambourine, and acoustic drums. All of these instruments combined form the song’s harmonious backdrop. The vocal delivery is smooth and mellow, effortlessly floating over the backing instruments. The mood of “Artificial Odyssey” is further amplified by the application of reverb, delay, and distortion effects to the track. All in all, ØZWALD’s laid-back approach to the production of “Artificial Odyssey” paints a pleasant, dreamy atmosphere in the listener’s head.

In addition to their original music, ØZWALD records cover songs from other artists, which they publish here. Although the group has no upcoming music releases, it’s safe to say that ØZWALD will continue to create new content. Be sure to stay up to date with ØZWALD via their Facebook and Instagram pages. Also, be sure to check out “Artificial Odyssey”, on Apple Music, Spotify, or through the Youtube video posted below!

Listen all week to hear “Artificial Odyssey” as we feature ØZWALD as our Local Artist of the Week! Listen live on-air at 100.1FM or at lightning100.com.