PONCÉ “Lie To Me” Video Premiere


PONCÉ is a pop-rock duo of twin brothers Carson and Michael Poncé. Born and raised outside of Indianapolis, the twins played in multiple bands in high school, always wanting to make music. They’d looked into Nashville previously, but eventually left for separate in-state colleges. Still eager to pursue music, they finally ditched the midwest, and Carson and Michael graduated from Belmont with degrees in Songwriting and Video Production, respectively.

Michael’s passion for videography inspires him to create content wherever he can. On a whim one day during a southwest tour, the duo decided to shoot the “Lie To Me” video. Traveling between Phoenix and Flagstaff, they found Bumble Bee, AZ, a ghost town begging for attention- perfect for a music video. They wanted the video to convey remoteness, desolation, and feelings of abandonment. The song is “very much [Carson’s] side of an unexpected breakup”, but it’s also about “being out there on your own… and wandering through unknown waters, or in this case, deserts”, said Michael. “We love the way it turned out.”

Carson said of writing the song: “[“Lie To Me”] came out of the abrupt end of a relationship and was the culmination of everything that probably needed to be said but wasn’t. It was self-therapy to write these words down in a way that helped me process what just happened, and wrestling with the anger and sadness, as well as confusion that came after. Breakups are never easy and I’m certainly not the first or last to ever go through one. Leonard Cohen has a line, ‘Yes, many loved before us, I know that we are not new’, and while ‘Lie to Me’ may be more of a personal song to me and my relationship, I hope people can connect to it in their own.”

They’ve dedicated the last two years to their upcoming project. In 2019, they plan to release about ten songs single by single. PONCÉ is “definitely a touring, schlepping band”, and they plan to top their 2018 record of 70 tour dates outside of Nashville. In January, they’ll start along Route 66, hitting as many venues as possible.

The brothers were a hit at our Wednesday Music Meeting a few weeks ago. Every Wednesday from 10:30am-12:30pm, our team votes on music to add into the rotation, and local artists, managers, friends, and others come to pitch new music. Michael said of his experience: “We both were a little nervous. We had only met a couple people at Lightning. It’s nerve-wracking, pitching your songs to a perceived-gatekeeper of Nashville’s music scene,” he said, “but it’s kind of a no-lose situation. Everyone is super friendly and wants to meet new artists and hear new music.” As far as advice, Michael says to be friendly, open to feedback, and show up! “It’s cliche, but you’re gonna miss all the shots you don’t take.”

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