Trauna “Prom Baby” – Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week


Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Prom Baby” by Trauna. Comprised of Liz Freel and Connor Robertson, this local duo have a retro-pop sound.

Hailing from Michigan and now finding roots in Nashville, they take you through a lyrical journey in their funky-psychedelic music. Not restricted to a certain genre, the duo has been able to create a eclectic and beautiful vision throughout the past years.

After releasing the wonderful single “Mother” in 2022, this latest track further proves their artistry. “Prom Baby” has a meaningful yet groovy core. It features Freel’s incredible smooth vocals that layer beautifully throughout the track. The piece is close to her heart, written about a special someone in her life. She sings about not weighing yourself down with your past and not always viewing things in black and white. Paired with fun guitar riffs and punchy drums, “Prom Baby” is a refreshing new single from this Nashville Duo.

Listen to Trauna’s new single below!

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