Rebekah Pahl: Local Artist of the Week

Rebekah Pahl

Rebekah Pahl is a newer name to the Nashville music scene. She moved here and released her first studio EP in 2016 with her second following four years later, on this past Friday. Pahl released five brand new songs under the title Feeling Through The Dark. She writes that her new EP is about “exploring themes of moving through uncertainty, personal evolution, feeling it all, and staying close to the flame.” It’s almost as if it was written for the year 2020. 

On the eve of the record release, Rebekah Pahl made a short video about the wide range of emotions she has been feeling every day throughout 2020. She reflects on her new album, and goes more into depth about how she’s growing and changing during these unprecedented times.

For this entire week, we are featuring Pahl’s first track on Feeling Through The Dark: “Falling Off The Map.” The track was the first one to be released to Pahl’s fans back in April. She writes that “Falling Off The Map” is about “disorientation, getting quiet, feeling everything—that liminal space before you know how to keep going.” It seems that liminality is something we all need to experience while we take the time to listen before we act. 

What’s beautiful about Pahl’s song––besides the melancholic melodies––is that Pahl wrote the lyrics about her own life, but falling off the map is something we can all take and easily relate back to our lives. The electric music video followed shortly after the song release. Pahl wrote that the process of filming it back in December was “nourishing,” and she hopes it brings viewers “closer to the heartbeat in [their] chest.” 

Tune in all week long to hear “Falling Off The Map” as we feature Rebekah Pahl as our Local Artist of the Week. Catch it live on-air at 100.1FM on your dial or streaming live at

Written by Cate Burgan