Reno Bo debuts “Lessons from a Shooting Star”


Singer, songwriter, and bass enthusiast, Reno Bo, got his start in Poughkeepsie, New York with a love of music spear-headed by his father’s love of Motown and Doo Wop records.

“I’ve been a touring guy forever and played in a bunch of bands out there [New York], then I moved to Nashville and started songwriting,” Bo said. “I’d heard about this oasis of Nashville musicians and songwriters, and thought, ‘that’s the place to be’.”
Bo’s sound is retro-rock and pop influenced, as his personal favorited bands include The Beach Boys, Big Star, Tom Petty, and The Beatles. Each of these can be heard in songs such as “I See Stars”, “There’s a Light”, and “Shake Me Up”.

“I think about Jerry Seinfeld. How he probably watches ‘Seinfeld’ and thinks ‘where’d that come from?’ But, he must not sit down and write jokes. I imagine he is inspired by the funny things that happen in his life,” Bo said about his writing process. “I’m trying to do that in music. Just write my music as life goes on. So, I don’t sit down necessarily and just write.”

Inspired by his friendships with non-musical people, and the Marx Brother’s movies, Reno Bo maintains a life in Nashville, TN. He will be playing a gig this Friday, June 26th at Soulshine Pizza Factory with Lightning 100 at 7pm in support of his new album, “Lessons From a Shooting Star”.


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