Ruby Amanfu – “Make It Better”: Local Artist of the Week

Ruby Amanfu

Ruby Amanfu is Lightning 100’s local artist of the week! Ruby Amanfu is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer from the African nation of Ghana. In addition to releasing nine studio albums and numerous singles, she often co-writes with other artists. These collaborations include artists such as H.E.R., Beyonce, Hozier, and countless others. Due to this, Amanfu’s musical style can vary, but her solo work leans more towards electronic pop music.

The production of “Make It Better” takes full advantage of techniques and equipment available today. The instrumental portion of the song contains exclusively electronic instruments, as opposed to a live band. The synthesizers carry the harmonic and melodic functions, while the electronic drum loops keep the song moving rhythmically. All of these instruments are executed simplistically, rather than opting for a more complex solution. Amanfu’s vocals are smooth and full, and she often overlays multiple recordings of her vocals in different octaves to self-harmonize. In her lyrics, she talks about how her lover makes everything better, even in the worst of circumstances.

“Make It Better” is Ruby Amanfu’s first musical release this year. While she hasn’t announced any further music yet, it is safe to say Amanfu has more in store for her fans. Outside of music, she is also an actress, private chef, and has been elected to the Record Academy Board as Governor. No matter what she is up to, Ruby Amanfu is sure to amaze! Be sure to keep up with her through her Facebook, Instagram, and website. Also, feel free to check out “Make It Better” via the YouTube video posted below!

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