Sunny War “Whole” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Whole” from Sunny War. This Folk-Blues based artists in Nashville released her newest album Anarchist Gospel.

Sydney Lyndella, the person behind Sunny War, recently put out her fourth record. The eclectic piece relates to her battle with self-destruction, and letting that side of her win. It’s layered with heavy meaning, emotion, and is perfectly completed with the artists original sound. Her skilled guitar playing and soulful vocals create a well-rounded album.

“Whole” is final track of the record. Her deep, warm voice leads the song and highlights her melodious lyrics. The guitar riffs have a beautiful eb-and-flow that is only elevated by bright piano. The ending track truly encapsulates her complex writing style that doesn’t always fit into a particular genre. She knows exactly how to balance her songs, a perfect mix between blues, folk, and rock. “Whole” is driven with meaning and fueled by incredible artistry.

Listen to the new song below!

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