That’s My Kid – When You Gonna Go


Aside from the obvious, the band That’s My Kid, and a panda bear don’t share too many similarities with each other.  One is a cute, furry, and endangered mammal that mostly resides in the Orient where bamboo chutes are it’s main food source.  The other, however, is a rock and roll band whose diet is solely composed of distortion, crash hits, and all things that groove.

Now, entering their second year as a group, That’s My Kid, is making sure everyone knows they’re open for business.  From hitting the road touring, gigging around Nashville, or just playing super loud at band practice, odds are you’ll be hearing from them pretty soon.

Forrest Arnold, guitar/vocals, and Abraham Fongnaly, drums/enthusiasm, met in middle school many moons ago in Murfreesboo, TN.  It wasn’t until just a few years ago that they started putting some songs together.  Shortly after these impromptu sessions had begun, they found the last piece of their musical puzzle, bassist and overall cool dude, Jashaun Smith.

Ever since, TMK has been busy making a name for themselves.  That’s My Kid has made themselves regular guests at many different house show venues, and of course many regular licensed venues, as well, all across the southeast.  Last April they released their eight-song debut This One which is available for free download on their website, but their newest release was December’s EP The Dark Horse Sessions recorded in nearby Franklin, TN, also available for a free download on their facebook page.

That’s My Kid is knocking on the door.  Nashville’s door, the music door, and most likely your bedroom door because they just wanna hang out.  They’re gonna keep on keepin’ on, and pretty soon they’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ right to your front door.


  1. Loved them and their show! Could not believe how packed Soulshine was to support this local artist! Makes you feel a sense of nostalgia just listening to their stuff!

  2. These guys have a nostalgic, soulful , addictive sound that you can’t help but fall in love with – they appeal to all generations – check them out live, you won’t be disappointed

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