The Minks “Creatures of Culture” – Local Artist of the Week

The Minks Creatures of Culture
The Minks Creatures of Culture

Our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week shines a spotlight on The Minks, featuring the title track from their self-released 2023 album, “Creatures of Culture.” 

Hailing from East Nashville, this four-piece rock band emerged in 2015 under the creative guidance of Nikki Barber. Fueled by the belief that “if you don’t create, you’ll combust.” Building off of their 2019 debut album, this local bad will find itself stuck in your head. With their catchy new release, “Creatures of Culture” is hard to ignore. The Minks draw inspiration from an eclectic range of influences. From Lou Reed and Patti Smith to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Hank Williams, The Minks bring a modern spin to their rock and roll sound deeply inspired by the 60s.

“Creatures of Culture,” the spotlight track of the album, sheds light on our addiction to screens. Their topical lyrics cleverly poking fun at the over-saturation of modern life. Infused with nostalgic psychedelic riffs and bluesy rhythms The Minks’ signature rock and psych twist, showcases the palpable chemistry within the band. Haley’s vocals carry the essence of the track, delivering a mesmerizing performance. Listen to this song all week here on Lightning 100 and be inspired to unplug. But maybe just from your screens, make sure to stay tuned into the radio.

Dive into the infectious energy of “Creatures of Culture” as The Minks continue to carve their unique niche in Nashville’s often overlooked rock scene. 

Don’t miss their 3rd and Lindsley show on March 24th, get tickets here. And listen to “Creatures of Culture” below!