The Nobility – “Cash That Check”: Local Artist of the Week

The Nobility

The Nobility is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! The Nobility is a Nashville-based rock and roll outfit first formed in 2001 under the name Jetpack. After some legal trouble with another Jetpack band, they stumbled upon the name “The Nobility” through their song lyrics. The band’s lineup varies, but currently consists of vocalist Sean Williams, keyboardist Stephen Jerkins, bassist Cheyanne Medders, and drummer Will Medders. Many of these members also contribute in other ways to the band, whether it be vocally or instrumentally. The band pulls influence from the rock and roll era, combined with the modern expectations of complexity.

At face value, “Cash That Check” is an in-your-face rock song, with musically complex variables thrown in the mix. The song begins with a drum fill, with the other instruments entering immediately afterwards. The instrumentation doesn’t stray far from the typical rock setup, although the purposes behind each instrument is far more complex. The keyboard tends to drop out in the pre-chorus sections, leaving behind the rest of the band, albeit in a simplified format. The song features harmonized vocals from Williams, Jenkins, and Cheyanne Medders throughout, with full-bodied tone and powerful presence.

The Nobility dropped “Cash That Check” in January of this year, making it their first release of 2022. Since then, the band has released another single, “No Doubts”. The band has been more active since 2021, so it’s likely they will continue to release new content. Be sure to keep up with The Nobility through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Also, feel free to check out “Cash That Check” on Apple Music, Spotify, and other streaming services!

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