The Welters – “Paperback”: Local Artist of the Week


The Welters is Lightning 100’s Local Artist of the Week! The Welters is a rock n’ roll band based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band consists of five members: guitarists Ryan Gelder and Dan Davis, bassist DRL, drummer Sean Weidner, and vocalist Les Clark. They are infamous for their raw, powerful performances while gigging locally. In addition, The Welters released their debut EP in 2021, following up this year with their new single “Paperback”. Their music is fast-paced, with guitar-led harmonies and raw vocals.

In many regards, the production style behind “Paperback” is similar to those used in rock and punk music. For one, the emphasis on guitar is immediately clear in “Paperback: the first verse features the instrument alongside vocals. As the chorus approaches, the drums and bass enter, but the focus remains on guitar and vocals. The two supplement each other, with the guitars players erupting into solos when the vocals drop out. Although the guitar overshadows the drums and bass in the mix, they both play an important role in driving the groove forward. Meanwhile, Les Clark sings with a raw passion behind his voice, imperfections included. These artifacts don’t detract from his performance, but they do add a sense of humanity.

Since releasing “Paperback”, The Welters have been surprisingly quiet regarding any future releases or shows. However, their recent social media posts have teased the possibility of more gigs coming soon. Until then, be sure to keep up with The Welters through their Instagram and Bandcamp pages, where they are most active. Also, feel free to check out “Paperback” on streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

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