Thom Donovan – Shipwreck (feat. Ruby Amanfu)


Thom Donovan is a singer, songwriter and guitarist whose music melds experimental sounds within modern pop arrangements through the eyes of a classically trained musician. While many artists spend their time looking back, reliving the sounds of a previous generation, Donovan’s music is forward-looking, taking classic sounds and pushing them into the future. An example of experimentation in his music is the juxtaposition of the cold, sterile feel of a LinnDrum against a shredding, squalling electric guitar. His sound can be described as a synthesis of Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound”, Brit-pop and indie folk.

Donovan began his career as a session musician, recording and touring worldwide with a variety of artists including Robert Plant, One Republic and Hot Hot Heat. Unfulfilled by his work performing other artist’s compositions, he formed a band of his own called Lapush. The band’s debut album, Someplace Closer To Here (456/Fontana), was released in 2005. The band’s second album, Modern Blues, was released in 2007 through it’s own imprint, and songs from both releases have been featured frequently on MTV, VH-1, and CBS.

While Lapush garnered great success, Donovan decided to embark on his solo career, releasing his debut album Cast A Light in 2010 and his second solo album, Mercury Maybe, in 2012.

Donovan’s exploratory approach upholds the philosophy of forward musical thinking and experimenting musically without disregarding the song. Listeners can testify to this with Donovan’s new single “Shipwreck,” a collaboration with Wyclef Jean and featuring Ruby Amanfu on vocals, inspired by Arthur Brooke’s poem, The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet (1562). “Shipwreck” can be found on Donovan’s third solo album, Canon, due for release in February 2014 through AWAL.

Donovan currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, and writes for JMHB Music and Kobalt Music. Donovan’s international performance career has included concerts across the United States as well as cities around the world, including London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Ennepetal. His music frequently appears in popular television shows, including The Good Wife on CBS and Body of Proof on ABC, and he currently has a recurring role in the ABC musical drama series, Nashville, as a musician.

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