ZDAN — “Perfect Day”: Local Artist of the Week


For this weeks Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the week, we showcase artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist ZDAN. Originally from Canada the local artist found her place in Nashville in 2014. Before entering a spotlight of her own, the instrumentalist worked as a session musician and live guitarist. Stepping into the production realm, ZDAN creates a rock and roll scene that is entirely and authentically hers. From start to finish ZDAN remains in the drivers seat both recording and engineering her most cherished project, FALCON. The third and most recent record contains cutting leaps of vulnerability as each purposeful melody is met with anectdotal lyricism. In the project she grapples with stories of grief, motherhood, loss, isolation, and love in effortless fashion.

ZDAN reminds us of her chilling voice and submerging soundscape with a Harry Nilsson cover, “Perfect Day”, originally from the 1977 Knnillssonn album. Recording the track in one night, the modern cover is filled with tasteful strings and vocal layerings. Her classic vocal quality gives gratitude to the track and brings it into a new light. With high hopes entering 2023, the artist has plans to begin recording her fourth record whilst collaborating in the community. Currently she is recording for locals Heather Mae and Wild Ponies, until heading into the studio herself come March.

“Perfect Day” is a mere stepping stone to the many things on the horizon for the local rocker.

Tune in to 100.1 FM and lightning100.com all week to hear “Perfect Day” by ZDAN, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week.