More Mayhem: James Ethan Clark & The Renegades

James Ethan Clark

James Ethan Clark & The Renegades have earned their place in Lightning 100’s annual Music City Mayhem. This is their third year in a row in this contest, so they really know the ropes. Since they weren’t able to give their live performance at EXIT/IN in late July, their track “Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes” will be spinning all day August 13th on the air. This is your chance to send in your vote for James Ethan Clark & The Renegades!

This track, “Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes” is Clark’s favorite song he has written. “There are lots of defining factors and sonically, this is my best recorded. ” Clark said.

James Ethan Clark and Leah Blevins wrote the track in just an hour and a half. They knew they were on to something great! The band got together six months later and recorded the poetic song at Trace Horse Studios here in Nashville, TN.

James Ethan Clark’s grandmother was in a gospel choir in the 70’s which heavily influenced Clark. He grew up in church as well, and has been emersed by music at a young age. He wrote his first song when he was fifteen years old. By the time he was sixteen or seventeen, he started playing live shows. His favorite part about playing live is the energy of the crowd, and feeling everyone connecting to your song you created.

“Nashville is a staple in the music world, and Lightning 100 is a staple of Nashville, so I am very flattered to be a part of Music City Mayhem.” Clark said. Competing in a competition like this may be stressful, but Clark lets us know being a finalist reassures him he is doing the right thing.

Clark tells us a little bit about his songwriting process, and how sometimes he won’t revisit an idea for over two years. He writes down his little ideas to capture fleeting inspiration and then comes back to them later with the benefit of hindsight and new perspective. On the topic of songwriting during corona, Clark tells us it has made it blurrier to see what his goals are, as well as harder to find inspiration in the so called new normal. Still, if the extra time gives us more tunes like “Daylight Comes, Daylight Goes,” maybe – just maybe – it will all be worth it.

The winner of this year’s Music City mayhem will win themselves a spot on Live on the Green 2021. Vote August 13th to see James Ethan Clark & the Renegades on the lawn!

written by Clara Lueckenhoff