Music Business Radio: Chris Keaton


Chris Keaton is a Nashville-based entertainment industry executive, award winning music publisher, artist management consultant and a 2016 inductee in the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. He’s also a veteran Music Business Radio guest.

In this episode, David Hooper talks with Keaton about discovering new music, what makes a good artist, parallels between music and fashion and his 10 tips for emerging artists. We’ll also hear about two acts he’s currently working with, Nordista Freeze and Brian Langlinais.


  1. Great hour. I am an old Rocker turned country and I wish I had met Chris Keaton way back when He is a class act! I don’t think he would have passed on me and I certainly would have loved for him to take me where I would have loved to go in the BIZ!!! These days I write, and play with myself, musically, guitar, sing, you know what I mean. Hope to hear one of the up and coming artist performing my music on your radio someday.
    Play On!
    JJ Calicott
    Arkansas transplant living in Texas…

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