Abby Cates + RYMAN – Nashville Sunday Night (11/6/2022)


Nashville based singer-songwriters Abby Cates + RYMAN took the Nashville Sunday Night stage this weekend!


RYMAN took the stage first with his four-piece power house band. He is a born and raised Nashville Native. RYMAN has found great success in the last year. He released his first EP Rewind last year. His track “You’re Too Cool” was featured on The CW show All American. Sunday Night, he played his new single “Sugarcoat” and even a cover of Counting Crow’s “Accidentally In Love” from the Shrek 2 soundtrack. His blend of relatable lyrics and electronic indie rock sound, paired his undeniable showmanship made for a high energy set.

Abby Cates

Later in the night, Abby Cates took the stage. Cates, originally from Cincinnati, OH, is no stranger to the stage. She audition for The Voice in 2018, and decided to pursue music full time. She released her first single “roadtrip song” in June of 2021. Over the course of the last few years, Cates has amassed a loyal social media following with her heartfelt songs and mesmerizing covers on TikTok. Cates opened her set with her song “saw your mom at the grocery store” and played some unreleased tracks! We had Cates in the studio on Friday afternoon to play her new track “Lawrence”. “Lawrence” is a song about the house she lived in during college, and says it’s a goodbye song. One that you listen to, then hug your friends goodbye.

Listen to the whole broadcast of Abby Cates + RYMAN – Nashville Sunday Night on 11/6/2022

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