Arkells – Full Set Live at Nashville Sunday Night


Forming out of the mid-2000s Canadian indie-rock Renaissance, Arkells originally delivered angsty lyrical themes of working class frustrations paired with the musical sensibilities of indie anthems.  Over the years, their musical outings have been rewarded with several Juno awards.  Yet, Arkells continue to reinvent their sound from album to album.  Their 2011 release, “Michigan Left” features a greater focus on developing a cohesive sonic atmosphere, 2014’s “High Noon” brought about dancy funk influences, and their latest album, “Morning Report” seems to sum all of their past works into one fantastic listening experience.  However, despite the differences in their sound over time, one thing remains constant: it’s catchy as hell.

Nashville Sunday Night is a special presentation of Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100. Each Sunday night Lightning 100 broadcasts a concert from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest live music venues. Along with Great Peacock, the December 18th show featured Arkells.