Fairground Saints – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 8/7/16


The opening act at Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night came out with a booming trifecta of vocal harmonies. Their first song had Megan McAllister singing lead with “Somethin’ From Nothin’” that captured the entire room at 3rd and Lindsley. Their sound is bold, suspenseful, and supremely graceful. Fairground Saints are a three piece band, often only using guitars, but their voices are the essential tool that gives power to their distinct sound.

The other two members are Mason Van Valin and Elijah Edwards. Mason provides the extremely dynamic voice we hear on the catchy jam, “Can’t Control The Weather.” Elijah sings, but plays the flexible riffs and fast instrumentation you will hear on every song. Whether it’s guitar or mandolin, his dexterity shines in their performance. Fairground Saints put on an incredible show, and it’s safe to say these three are going places.