Firekid – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 7/24/16


A night with Firekid can be full of great surprises. His widely known reputation lies in bluegrass, where he won the national flat-picking competition when he was seventeen. He’s also known for creating electronic beats on a Gameboy to compose his music. However, above anything else, Firekid plays music that is technically sound, empathetic, and utterly heart warming.

Firekid started his set showcasing his acoustic picking patterns, captivating the audience with the talent that won him that national guitar picking title. Then his electronic beats chime in, which Dillon Hodges produces himself from his Gameboy. His love for the 90s was consistently repeated through out the set. However, he is able to create a very intimate relationship with his audience and his music.

Dillon said this was a difficult, but special performance in Nashville. Recently he lost a dear person in his life. He dedicated one of his last songs to her. His emotion was heartfelt and, his message was inspiring. Dillon captivated us on so many levels, and we look forward to what his future holds.