Kevin Morby – Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 6/26/16


Kevin Morby gave a special performance tonight to our crowd at 3rd and Lindsley for Lightning 100’s Nashville Sunday Night. His music presents a dichotomy of beauty and darkness, a subtle balance that hangs on the shoulders of a weary, hopeful songwriter.

His third solo album Singing Saw was made in collaboration with Sam Cohen, producing a record of songs that lyrically resemble Townes Van Zandt, but flow in a style unique to Morby. Cohen and Morby met during a live recreation of the Band’s The Complete Last Waltz, showing the influence for Morby’s many current arrangements. At times the room felt eerie, but that is the power Morby has with his audience. His musicianship is reflective, and leaves an audience overly appreciative with what he shares.