Tristen- Full Set at Nashville Sunday Night on 4/17/16


Meet the “neo-traditionalist pop” version of Daughter: Nashville’s own Tristen.

Quirky, sweet and punchy, Tristen’s music delves into the stylish, teenage rocker in all of us. Her most-recent creation, Caves, is as inviting as it is inventive, incorporating reminiscent, ’80s electronic beats with orchestral violins. Her silky vocals combined with lyrics that are equally winsome and wise, leave the listener unhinged and endlessly fascinated from the first track.

With two, full-length albums under her belt, Tristen is heading west this June for shows in Oregon and Washington.

Though there haven’t been any new releases from this artist since 2013, Tristen’s retro-pop vibe is accomplished with effortless poise (and just the right amount of attitude) that’s lasting and lovable again and again.

Nashville Sunday Night is a special presentation of Nashville’s Independent Radio, Lightning 100. Each Sunday night Lightning 100 broadcasts a concert from 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s finest live music venues. April 17, 2016 featured Tristen opening up for Futurebirds.