Hallowed Bones- Alain Johannes: DJ Pick of the Week

Alain Johannes press photo by Tom Bronowski
Alain Johannes press photo by Tom Bronowski

Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week! 

Today’s DJ pick comes from Chilean rock legend, Alain Johannes. Johannes is no stranger to the music scene, he has been rocking since the early 1980s. He founded the rock band, Eleven, while working alongside bands like Queens of the Stone Age The Arctic Monkeys, and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. 

In 2019 Johannes experienced massive heartbreak when his wife and two creative partners and friends passed, Chris Cornell and Natasha Shneider. Not only did he lose so many close to him, but he also started to develop a serious repository illness that began to interfere with his vocal abilities. After much needed time and recuperation, Alain Johannes is back with his third solo album, Hum. 

This album has many dark moments to honor those he has lost, but it also has glimpses of beauty in that sorrow. Today’s DJ pick, “Hallowed Bones” is a perfect example of this contrast between light and darkness. This track has a stunning video to accompany this folk-inspired tune. Johannes wanted this song to be a tribute to nature, and to really worship what we naturally have around us. 

Johannes said this about the inspiration behind “Hallowed Bones”, Hallowed Bones came to me first as a visual of dancing around a fire in the woods at night. Almost like a pagan dance, a ritual in a trance celebrating love in the present and it’s continued pull after our loved ones are gone.” 

Be sure to check out his newest release Hum. This record makes you feel a whirlwind of emotions and gives you a closer look into what Johannes has been wrestling with for the past year. Other notable tracks from this album include “Mermaids Scream”, “If Morning Comes”, and “Here in Silence”. 

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Written by: Madison Sharp