Are You Bored Yet? – Wallows: DJ Pick of the Week

Wallows- Press Photo

“Are You Bored Yet?” is the first single off of Wallows’ 2019 debut album, Nothing Happens. Wallows is a Los Angeles based alternative pop group consisting of Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, and Cole Preston. They’ve been releasing music since 2017 and have really stepped into the spotlight over the last year or so. This week, “Are You Bored Yet?” is DJ Rev. Keith’s pick of the week!

“Are You Bored Yet?” sounds like something straight out of a teen movie. It’s all things dreamy and bedroom pop. Despite being about an impending breakup, the song has an upbeat energy. Wallows talks about the track a discussion with Clash, “Lyrically,​ the song is about the idea of someone being bored with a relationship that you have been in for a while, and the fear that you or the other person is ready to move on.”​

It features Clairo, who is no stranger to the world of bedroom pop. She and Dylan Minnette take turns singing about a crumbling relationship and hinting at ending it. Minnette knew Clairo through mutual friends and decided to reach out to her for the feature after the band decided that the song  was “definitely more bedroom pop inspired” and “had sort of a Clairo feel to it”. In a 2019 interview with Atwood Magazine, Minnette said “We​ were​ in the studio and we recorded all that song besides the vocals and that verse and we were like, ‘Should we actually hit her up? Should we do it?’ So, we sent her a message and when she responded a few days later she said, ‘This song’s awesome, I’m down. Are you guys in the studio today?’ She happened to be in town.” It was fate and they came together to record the song that would rack up over 240 million streams. 

Check out the retro inspired video for “Are You Bored Yet?”:

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