Arts Fishing Club – Horizon Eyes: DJ Pick of the Week


Nashville indie-folk outfit Arts Fishing Club describes their new single “Horizon Eyes” as being “about the exhaustion of the road.” The contemplative anthem serves as a beacon of hope against this exhaustion, daring to push back against it. Against a guitar-driven instrumental, the band pays thrilling tribute to the art of resilience. “Horizon Eyes” is Casey’s DJ Pick of the Week!

The single is their first new release since last year’s Long Lake Sessions. On top of being just a straight-up good time, the track signals an exciting future for the Nashville band. It’s polished without feeling overproduced or inauthentic, and it’s hard to resist its charm even on first listen. Not to mention that with the weather getting warmer, we see this soundtracking tons of road trips and lazy days.

At the center of “Horizon Eyes” is its endlessly catchy and uplifting chorus:

So we say

Hey now monsters

Get the hell outta here

You don’t belong

And we don’t want you

We got our heartbeat

Beating in our chest

Horizon Eyes

No we’ll never never rest

Check the song out for yourself below!

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