Be With Me – Miki Fiki: DJ Pick of the Week

Miki Fiki- Press Photo

“Be With Me” by Miki Fiki – Casey’s Pick of the Week

Miki Fiki is a Nashville based quartet, consisting of Ted Hartog (vocals, keys), Alex Clayton (drums, percussion), Hunter Mulkey (bass), and Julia Meredith (winds, horns). The four of them have been making music as Miki Fiki since 2017, the year they released their self-titled EP. Over the last three years their sound has developed into smooth indie pop brilliance and their latest release, “Be With Me” is Casey’s pick this week!

“Be With Me” is a lot of good things. It’s jazzy, it’s upbeat, it’s fun. It’s a love(ish) song, as the band says. The lyrics are well written and pair swimmingly with the instrumentals. It’s an absolute indie pop tune with a catchy chorus and a funky beat.

“Be With Me” is the band’s second release of 2020, coming after “Chaos”. They filmed and released a video for “Chaos” amidst the pandemic, check it out here

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