Benny Sings & Tom Misch – Nobody’s Fault: DJ Pick of the Week


Benny Sings & Tom Misch know how to make a groove, and “Nobody’s Fault” is no exception. The track, a single off the former’s upcoming Music, is just as breezy as you’d expect from the duo. Perfectly suited for spring rolling in, “Nobody’s Fault” is Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!

As with some of the best songs out there, there’s some sadness behind the track’s sunny exterior. “Therein lies an extra sadness for me,” says Sings. “It’s more sad [sic] to see a person falling, and saying ‘I’m alright!’, than someone lying on the ground and crying.” For this song, in particular, that resilience concerns lost love:

Hey, it’s nobody’s fault

We’re getting old

And time keeps pushing on

To the end of the road (My darling)

Hey, what can you say?

It’s better this way

It’s time to sing your song

So I’m letting you go

It’s a weird mix of one of the bounciest beats you’ll hear this year and one of the sadder things a song can be about. But aren’t the best songs often like that? Check out “Nobody’s Fault” for yourself below!

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